A woman wears many hats everyday from a working woman to a mother to a wife to a friend.

Annually 8th March is celebrated as International woman’s day to inspire women and celebrate their achievements. Thousands of events are held throughout the world as celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women.

HR Muscle wants to help you celebrate this Women’s day and recognize the woman as a pillar of our workplace, personal life and society. We have engagement programs to make your colleagues, mother, wife, daughter or a friend feel special & empowered.

Start a dialog today with HRMuscle to explore the possibilities of making this woman’s day special for your organization. We will customize a program to fit your demographic, competency requirements and brand.

We can help you make this day extra ordinary with:

Fun Hour – work place fun program involving drumming, story telling, dancing or even a combination of all.

Outbound programs – adventure team outings with different themes.

Fitness, Nutrition & Well Being – health, diet, stress management, parenting workshops & workout guidance for busy woman.

Woman’s safety – A unique seminar to prepare woman for Self Defense and Personal Safety to face any situation

Taking care – Interactive workshop from a medical practitioner to teach woman to take care of themselves and self test again breast cancer.

Indoor Team Engagements – team engagement programs with creative games, activities,workshops to bring teams closer and drastically change the company culture.

Art and Craft – Art, craft, cooking and hobby ideas brought to workplace to rejuvenate and motivate your team.

Is your organization ready to celebrate Women’s Day?