We at HR Muscle are extremely passionate about wellness of your organization. When employees are well, companies run well! One can overcome stress and maintain excellent work life balance only with healthy mind and body. When we ask employees, it is everyone’s priority to stay healthy but in our daily hectic routine poses a challenge to implement a lifestyle change. Especially when you are a working woman it is lot harder to prioritize healthy mind and body over other demanding tasks!

We are so glad to work with various organizations like Gabriel, Cognizant, Persistent Systems and Danfoss on implementing wellness initiatives at their organization.

On March 8th we began with our interactive session with these amazing women at @Danfoss Power Solutions where:

·      We interacted with each one of them to understand their challenges to bring in work life balance and wellness.

·      Our wellness expert customized a solution for each one of them to bring in a slow and steady change

·      Emphasis was tailoring a wellness program as per your demographic, household and work responsibilities and medical history.

In subsequent sessions we would:

·      Monitor their progress on physical and mental wellness

·      Tweak and improve the program wherever needed

·      Take feedback on improvement compared to initial stage

·      Will give a measured feedback to management of their productivity and motivation towards work.

Such initiatives make a huge difference in:

·      Reducing insurance premium costs for companies to be spent on their employees

·      Less loss of work days due to sickness and other issues

·      Reduced attrition and sense of belonging towards company.

You have to prioritize employee wellness and don’t worry we have team of experts from various fields to help you tailor and achieve the goals!

All is well when your team is well!