As we bid goodbye to the sweltering heat of May, a wet and wild June slowly creeps upon us and makes its presence felt.
Monsoon is time of the year, where everyone will find it difficult to resist a hike in the countryside. Monsoon brings with it the treasures of nature, the verdant hills, the cascading streams….

Just the perfect time to go for team outbound activities , splash in a waterfall or observe rare wild flowers and soak yourself in nature’s bounty.

Let HR Muscle help you with Monsoon Team engagements:
-With wisely chosen location for an effective outdoor intervention taking into consideration distance, demographic, safety and of course your corporate brand.

-A day customized to exactly match your competency requirements to improve cross functional communication, interaction and working in a team environment.

-Perfect blend of innovative outdoor or indoor activities, games and sessions to provoke experiential learning.

– Best in the industry, certified, specialized outdoor trainers to let you experience hiking, biking, rappelling, climbing or any other challenge!

HR Muscle is a market leader in outdoor team engagement programs.
Let us handle your next outing and we promise you that this would be your best one ever!

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Are you engaging with your employees this monsoon?