When I visit companies, I always have to emphasize why a strong culture of employee engagement is needed at work. I try my best to explain ‘why’ employee engagement is needed and also ‘how’ to achieve it.

What is employee engagement?

In my opinion: It is an emotional commitment of employee towards organization.

Wikipedia definition:

Employee engagement is a property of the relationship between an organization and its employees. An “engaged employee” is defined as one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work and so takes positive action to further the organization’s reputation and interests.

Why is employee engagement important?

Well simply put, to achieve stronger bottom line results.

The Gallup poll found that organizations with higher employee engagement levels experience:

37 percent less absenteeism

25 percent less turnover in high-turnover organizations

65 percent less turnover in low-turnover organizations

41 percent less quality incidents (defects)

21 percent more productivity

22 percent more profitability

How to assess employee engagement?

It is important for HR to understand and differentiate between happy, satisfied employees and engaged employees. Engaged employees are happy, satisfied employees, but not all happy, satisfied employees are engaged!

It is important for HR and talent management professionals to understand the levels of engagement and measure it. Use employee engagement survey to get the pulse of engagement.

How to improve employee engagement?

Well, Design and implement programs to improve engagement.

Following factors are important to employee engagement

1.      Work: Includes empowerment/autonomy, sense of accomplishment, work tasks.

2.      People: Interpersonal relationship with seniors, supervisors, and collaboration in the workplace.

3.      Opportunities: Career opportunities and learning and development activities.

4.      Rewards: Includes pay, benefits, and recognition.

5.      Company practices: Includes communication, diversity, enabling infrastructure, performance management, customer focus, innovation, talent, and staffing.

6.      Quality of life: Includes job security, safety, and work/life balance.

* Factors from a while paper published on talent management by Kenan-Flagler Business School.

How HR Muscle can help you with employee engagement?

With our programs we help you touch almost all factors of Employee Engagement, which include:

·      Engagement surveys: determine existing gaps and tailor an engagement program for entire year.

·      Experiential learning: to improve interpersonal relations and collaboration.

·      Year-long team engagement: to improve company culture and branding.

·      Team building: to build, rejuvenate teams and inculcate ‘we can do it together’ attitude at all times.

·      Employee wellness: to improve quality of life with health and wellness initiatives for an individual and entire company.

Why HR Muscle?

·      4 year old organization, experienced in handling all factors of employee engagement.

·      Every single program is tailored as per demographics, business domain and competency requirements.

·      Our trainers and facilitators are best in industry, right from Doctorates in behavior psychology to certified mountaineers who are Everest Summiteers.

·      Our activities and tools are extremely innovative.

·      Complete collaboration with your HR team to share observations, feedback and survey results.

·      Some of our clients : TCS, Cognizent, Persistent, CRIF Highmark, BMC, SYNTEL, All Scripts, ARDE, DRDO, Rajdeep Buildcon, Gabriel India Limited, Datamato technologies, Amura Marketing Technologies, Cotton King and VR Coatings.

·      Our clients are extremely engaged with us!

Employee Engagement to Power Bottom Line