“Teamwork” simply stated, it is less ‘me’ & more ‘we’ HR Muscle team was busy this Sunday conducting a perfect outbound experience for one of the BUs of TCS at a resort which has a picturesque view of Sinhagad. We handled a very young team of 120 from various roles in an organization. The objective was to break barriers between groups and getting to know each other in a better way outside work. Also the team wanted to stay active throughout the day and enjoy outbound activities. Our team of 15 outbound specialists took care of setting up active outbound activities where only good interaction and team worrk between team members could make them win or complete the activity. Each session was concluded by facilitation where senior Outbound trainer where he related the behavior back to working scenario in office. The objective of having fun along with being active and breaking team barriers was all achieved! As we always claim, be it any multinational or a SME we customize every outbound experience with utmost passion, safety and care! Try us this year for Team Building!