Player's Unknown Battle Ground

We at HR Muscle are always in sync with the contemporary fashion and make sure to include it in our team building sessions. You would be surprised to know that we also induce employee engagement through the sensational and engaging game of PUBG! The employees can dive into this virtual world as teams and compete with each other to win the game.

The game is a powerful tool to help the employees connect on a personal level. This induces healthy communication and a great team bonding within the team. It is also said to boost the productivity and creative thinking of the team as a whole. A perfect outlet to release stress, this game will get your employees hooked!

Activities :

Pharaohs Of Egypt
Big Picture
Model Me Up
Bridge The Gap
Touch Me Not
Save The world
Caterpillar Walk
Traffic Jam
Acid River Crossing
Story Telling
Pumpkin Races
Conveyor Belt
Australian Plank
Quality Vs Quantity
Tree Of Appreciation
Health & Wellness
Hodi Challenge
RC Vehicle Race Challenge
The Masterchef Challenge
Self Potrait
Hoola Hoop
Blind Mans Minefield
Holey Pipes
Cycling Expeditions
Treks And Expedition
Treasure Hunt
Raft Building
Digital Quiz
Band Jam