Drumming a beat in a professionally facilitated drum circle creates hard-wired connections with the other employees and the team members of the same organization. It refers to the shared drumming experience of the participants together, to create in-the-moment coordinated and pleasant music.

This exhilarating activity fosters the energy sharing and collaboration between employees and forms a strong connection to the company culture and values. Participation in such events promotes stress management, team bonding, and a sense of belonging to the community and a realization of the shared vision and mission. A drum circle is nothing but a ‘people circle’ creating harmony and synergy! 

Activities :

Pharaohs Of Egypt
Big Picture
Model Me Up
Bridge The Gap
Touch Me Not
Save The world
Caterpillar Walk
Traffic Jam
Acid River Crossing
Story Telling
Pumpkin Races
Conveyor Belt
Australian Plank
Quality Vs Quantity
Tree Of Appreciation
Health & Wellness
Hodi Challenge
RC Vehicle Race Challenge
The Masterchef Challenge
Self Potrait
Hoola Hoop
Blind Mans Minefield
Holey Pipes
Cycling Expeditions
Treks And Expedition
Treasure Hunt
Raft Building
Digital Quiz
Band Jam