Bridge The Gap

Like most other skills, understanding the other person comes with practice. At HR Muscle, we have taken this seriously and we “Bridge the Gap” between employees and the customer, in the most efficient and interesting of ways. As a part of the activity, the participants indulge in a role play of the customer and the vendor to see both sides of the coin.

This experience helps employees and customers understand each other in more nuanced ways.

This activity is proven to boost innovation and creativity amongst the team. These experiential learning-centric scenarios give them a chance to learn the values of communication and time management. The overall learning experience helps them relate this activity to their work and perform better. 

Activities :

Pharaohs Of Egypt
Big Picture
Model Me Up
Bridge The Gap
Touch Me Not
Save The world
Caterpillar Walk
Traffic Jam
Acid River Crossing
Story Telling
Pumpkin Races
Conveyor Belt
Australian Plank
Quality Vs Quantity
Tree Of Appreciation
Health & Wellness
Hodi Challenge
RC Vehicle Race Challenge
The Masterchef Challenge
Self Potrait
Hoola Hoop
Blind Mans Minefield
Holey Pipes
Cycling Expeditions
Treks And Expedition
Treasure Hunt
Raft Building
Digital Quiz
Band Jam