Big Picture

We all are busy working hard and it is the need of the hour to step back and see the “Big Picture”. Well, as the name suggests, this activity is to understand where an employee fits in the overall picture of the company. In this experience, the participants work to create their own masterpiece and then collaborate it with other employees to make the Big Picture. They get a chance to explore and hone their artistic side as a team and also as an individual.

This activity boosts innovation and creativity. It paves the way to enhancing team spirit and collaboration. This is a perfect opportunity to work loosely and expressively in a relaxed environment. This is also a perfect moment for the organization to celebrate their vision and the company values and culture together.

Activities :

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Big Picture
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Acid River Crossing
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Pumpkin Races
Conveyor Belt
Australian Plank
Quality Vs Quantity
Tree Of Appreciation
Health & Wellness
Hodi Challenge
RC Vehicle Race Challenge
The Masterchef Challenge
Self Potrait
Hoola Hoop
Blind Mans Minefield
Holey Pipes
Cycling Expeditions
Treks And Expedition
Treasure Hunt
Raft Building
Digital Quiz
Band Jam