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HR Muscle is a market leader in Team Building and Employee Engagement programs.


With relevant experience, knowledge, and dedication, we help assure a healthy work-culture and positive team dynamics.

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We all live in an era of greater workforce mobility and the shortage of skilled workers. Having said that, retention, employee engagement, and work culture are the top issues faced by business leaders. Don’t you agree to it that these issues are not simply an HR problem?

Well, HR Muscle understands your concerns and walks an extra mile to contribute to the success of your employees and your organization. HR Muscle offers scientifically designed and innovative workshops, training, and activities to sustain employee enthusiasm and unlock workforce potential.

As said rightly, make the dream work, by some teamwork! Well, HR Muscle strongly believes that teamwork and team building are essential in the corporate world. This helps ensure that the company culture is healthy and the output achieved by individually and as a team is high.

HR Muscle incorporates the principles of Experiential Learning and assists your organization in forming a strong team. With different indoor and outdoor activities, and outbound training sessions, we penetrate the values of working in a cohesive team.

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1 month ago

Want to identify your organisation culture? Here is an easy way to do it!
Clan culture focuses on teamwork and relationships within the organisation. They have a nurturing, family-like environment. See more

1 month ago

Are you doing business with other countries or travelling to a different place?

It is important to know about the different aspects of culture in various countries through Geert Hofstede’s 6 See more

1 month ago

Organisations are striving to maintain a delicate balance between being neutral & yet being diverse. If you think hiring a diverse population will compromise your company’s productivity and lead See more

1 month ago

Organisational culture is like a personality of the organisation. The values, beliefs, norms that the people in the organisation have created is culture. The traditions that have been upheld and a See more

1 month ago
Conveyor Belt

This simple yet exciting activity wins all hearts and induces a spirit of collaboration in the team. The teams are given free-standing cut pipes, which they need to hold in succession to create a See more

1 month ago

As the name suggests, the employees are divided into different teams and have to ‘cross’ a certain region to reach the other side. This is a situation-based activity, where the See more

2 months ago
Pumpkin Race – HR Muscle

As interesting as this activity sounds like, it is double the fun when employees actually race their pumpkin cars to the finish line! The teams are presented with giant pumpkins and the necessary See more

2 months ago
Bridge The Gap – Team Building Activity

Like most other skills, understanding the other person comes with practice. At HR Muscle, we have taken this seriously and we “Bridge the Gap” between employees and the customer, in the most See more

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