The Science of Wellbeing
We at HR Muscle wish you and your loved ones an abundance of good health and happiness.

With the current pandemic and adoption of ‘work from home’, organizations are increasingly worried about the wellbeing of their workforce. Managing wellbeing has emerged as one of the top three challenges organizations foresee for employees.

An employee who is now working longer hours with limited social exposure and grim news from surroundings feels anxious, restless, depressed and worried and unmotivated.

Employee wellbeing plays an even greater role in the current situation when an organization has to focus on productivity while working under uncertainty. Having highly motivated teams to work through difficult business scenarios has become very important.

The challenge lies in facilitating the wellbeing of an individual employee when they are working remotely.

After extensive research, HR Muscle is presenting a unique module called: ‘The Science of Wellbeing’ to assess and improve employee wellbeing.
  • It is a logical, step by step, short program guaranteed to increase wellbeing!
  • Wellbeing is tangibly measured before and after the program implementation.
  • Designed and delivered by the best facilitators and counselors.
  • Result oriented, practical, scientific and doable even with a busy work life.
  • Experiential implementation using different media.
  • Aimed at increasing motivation and productivity at work.
It is imperative for you to support your workforce through these difficult times. Let's talk today to measure their wellbeing!

For the last 7 years, HR Muscle has been in a pioneer in innovative employee engagement solutions to motivate your workforce and make them productive.  Our 'experiential' program delivery has been our USP.   

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